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Travellers caught short in Birmingham captured on CCTV

Birmingham homeowner upset by embarrassing incident which was captured on his CCTV camera

A horrified Birmingham resident has published CCTV footage showing the moment a pair of female travellers used his private driveway to relieve their bowels.

Homeowner Mark Field installed home security cameras at his Selly Oak property to protect his family and possessions from burglars and other undesirables.

Never did he imagine that his CCTV cameras would one day capture the stomach-churning moment two women would relieve their bowels on his driveway.

CCTV released shows two travellers doing their business on private land

Travellers caught doing their business on CCTV

However, that is exactly what happened in the days leading up to Bonfire Night this year, when a group of travellers set up camp at Selly Oak Park, close to the home of Mr Field, whose house is accessed via a locked gate.

When company director Mr Field went to view his personal CCTV footage he was met by the embarrassing scenes.

The video shows two female travellers walking up the residential driveway. Close to Mr Field’s gate, one of the shameless women drops her trousers and squats down against a fence. She can be seen talking to her companion as she takes care of her business.

However, the situation worsens when the second woman joins her friend in the squatting position and both relieve their bowels.

Speaking to Daily Star, the disgusted homeowner said the women were not even deterred from their business when a small group of young children rode past the driveway on their bicycles.

The incident has been reported to the local police force but officers have said the quality of the CCTV footage is not good enough to positively identify the culprits, leaving Mr Field frustrated by the situation.

Selly Oak Labour councillor, Karen McCarthy, confirmed that a group of travellers have set up camp in a gated area of Selly Oak Park and have been causing trouble in the neighbourhood by setting off fireworks and lighting bonfires.

Councillor McCarthy said: “They have had bonfires and fireworks, and are linked to fireworks being thrown at cars and pedestrians.”

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This news was posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2016, read more CCTV News.

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