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Garage owner in Sutton Coldfield fights back with CCTV image ‘door of shame’

CCTV images of suspects placed on the shop door to see if anyone recognises them

A garage owner in Sutton Coldfield has decided to fight back against petrol thieves and shoplifters by introducing a CCTV image ‘door of shame’ in his shop, which will be seen by customers and local people from the community.

Sunny Sanghera, aged 46, owns and runs the Jet Petrol Station & convenience store on Reddicap Heath Road, in Sutton Coldfield and has got so sick of people either stealing from the shop, or driving off without paying for their fuel, that he’s decided to try and catch the suspects himself by naming and shaming them.

Mr Sanghera now puts any CCTV images of suspects in the door of his shop and asks members of the community and customers if they recognise anyone.

If a name is given to him, Mr Sanghera writes to the suspect asking them to pay what they owe and charges them an ‘admin fee’, for his time and costs. He also tells them he will go to the local authorities if they don’t pay up.

“I have been doing this for six months now. With more than two thirds we get a name. And then we usually get our money back. With one of them it was four months later, said Mr Sanghera.

Sunny believes that his new ‘door of shame’ appeal has led to around 70% of suspects he thinks have stolen from him being named and most of them apologise and pay what they owe.


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This news was posted on Friday, February 17th, 2017, read more CCTV News.

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