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Travellers caught short in Birmingham captured on CCTV

Birmingham homeowner upset by embarrassing incident which was captured on his CCTV camera

A horrified Birmingham resident has published CCTV footage showing the moment a pair of female travellers used his private driveway to relieve their bowels.

Homeowner Mark Field installed home security cameras at his Selly Oak property to protect his family and possessions from burglars and other undesirables.

Never did he imagine that his CCTV cameras would one day capture the stomach-churning moment two women would relieve their bowels on his driveway.

CCTV released shows two travellers doing their business on private land

Travellers caught doing their business on CCTV

However, that is exactly what happened in the days leading up to Bonfire Night this year, when a group of travellers set up camp at Selly Oak Park, close to the home of Mr Field, whose house is accessed via a locked gate.

When company director Mr Field went to view his personal CCTV footage he was met by the embarrassing scenes.

The video shows two female travellers walking up the residential driveway. Close to Mr Field’s gate, one of the shameless women drops her trousers and squats down against a fence. She can be seen talking to her companion as she takes care of her business.

However, the situation worsens when the second woman joins her friend in the squatting position and both relieve their bowels.

Speaking to Daily Star, the disgusted homeowner said the women were not even deterred from their business when a small group of young children rode past the driveway on their bicycles.

The incident has been reported to the local police force but officers have said the quality of the CCTV footage is not good enough to positively identify the culprits, leaving Mr Field frustrated by the situation.

Selly Oak Labour councillor, Karen McCarthy, confirmed that a group of travellers have set up camp in a gated area of Selly Oak Park and have been causing trouble in the neighbourhood by setting off fireworks and lighting bonfires.

Councillor McCarthy said: “They have had bonfires and fireworks, and are linked to fireworks being thrown at cars and pedestrians.”

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51-year-old man attacked – caught on CCTV

Police have released CCTV footage of an unprovoked assault of a 51-year-old man in Birmingham in the hope of bringing his attackers to justice.

The CCTV footage, which totals almost 2 minutes, shows how the man was attacked by two men outside a doctor’s surgery on Bordesley Green at 1.10am on December 15.

A plate is thrown onto the pavement to distract the victim moments before he is struck in the head by one of his attackers.

Several cars are seen to drive past during the attack without stopping as the man who was walking home from a party at the time was attacked.

Chief Inspector Dawn Miskella, of Birmingham CID, said:

“I would appeal directly to those people who drove past the scene as the robbery was taking place to please come forward and speak to us.

“You may not have realised what was going on at the time, but your information could be vital in helping us find the people responsible.”

Eggnog thief caught on CCTV in Birmingham shop

CCTV footage has emerged of an armed robber brawling with shop staff as he attempted to steal a carton of eggnog.

The footage of the confrontation which took place in a Birmingham shop on Soho Road on December 3 has been released by police as they attempt to track down the suspect.

During the mayhem the suspects cap is knocked from his head revealing his face to the CCTV camera.

However, despite police appeals the man has yet to be identified.

Another man was arrested at the time and has now been bailed.

Detective Constable Richard Marsh said: “The men appear to use an excessive amount of violence over payment for an item worth pence.”

CCTV images released of Birmingham needle attacker

Images have been released by West Midlands Police in the hunt for a man alleged to have carried out a further six needle attacks on women in Birmingham city centre. Witnesses are sought to identify the man in the image below:

“We believe that this man could have witnessed the attack or may know the person responsible and could help us significantly with our inquiries.” said Detective Inspector Julie Woods.

The attacks are very strange and the motive is unclear.

Wolverhampton burglar caught on CCTV

Police are looking for a man who was caught on CCTV suspected of burglary after he was disturbed and ran away from a property in Wolverhampton.

The man was shouted at by the home owner and ran off however detectives have released the CCTV images hoping for clues as to the identity of the man. The CCTV was from a neighbours home CCTV system and was captured at 4.40pm on Monday 11th November 2013.

“Thankfully a burglary was not committed because the thief ran away after being shouted at by the occupier from an upstairs window” said Det Sgt Nicki Addison from Wolverhampton CID.

If you recognise the suspect, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

McDonald’s attackers were “smartly dressed” – CCTV images released

A 23-year old man was attacked outside McDonalds in Cheery Street, Birmingham which left the man dazed and with broken glasses.

The two culprits were caught on CCTV. Amazingly after seeing themselves on the CCTV footage the pair handed themselves in and have since apologised to the 23-year old man for the attack and compensated him with replacing his glasses.

The scuffle happened after words were exchanged inside McDonalds and the violent pair walked back in and collected their food.

West Midlands Police said: “Acting as go-betweens, officers passed on two heartfelt letters of apology to the man along with £200.” One of the men was suspended from his job after his boss saw the CCTV footage.

Big Issue killer was caught on CCTV

Footage of Big Issue seller killer John Ward has been released by West Midlands Police.

The silent CCTV footage shows  Ian Watson-Gladwish, 31, and Wayne Busst, 32 (Big Issue sellers) being approached by Ward on Union Street. Ward had previously been seen on CCTV purchasing a kitchen knife from Morrisons and walking down the road with it clearly in his bag.

The main footage shows ward leaving the Union Street area, and later running down New Street and into the Odeon where he wiped blood from the knife in an attempt to cover up his crime. Ward aged 23 denies murder.

Snax Cafe fire: Police examining CCTV footage of the area

The fire at the Snax Cafe in New Canal Street is under investigation, and Police are seeking CCTV footage from the area to help with their investigations.

“The fire service have determined the blaze was started deliberately” – said West Midlands Police

The Police have been collecting CCTV footage from around the site in an effort to work out the goings on around the Birmingham cafe before the fire.

The building however is facing demolition, the fire service say that because of the extent of the fire, it looks like “Demolition is a strong possibility.”

If you have any information about the fire, or can provide CCTV footage of the area on New Canal Street, the Police would like to speak to you.

A horse walks into a hotel… erm, this one isn’t a joke!

The lobby of the Best Western Hotel in Birmingham had an unexpected visitor last Tuesday morning – a horse!

The horse had runaway from it’s owners and in a panic managed to end up in the Best Western Hotel at 9.45am on Tuesday morning.

“It did a lot of damage to the lobby. It made some dents in the wall and knocked over plants but the staff were worried about the horse.” said Best Western sales manager Heather Thornton.

West Midlands Police said that offices had now brought the horse under control and that it had been returned to it’s owners. However it later emerged that the horse had to be put down.

The sad tale was witnessed by several scared people in the hotel – and the horse became very frightened – “Clearly scared it was trying to find its way back out” said a Best Western spokesman.

Bordesley Green bookies robbery – Police issue CCTV footage

Police in the West Midlands have released stills form CCTV footage of two men who carried out a robbery on the Bordesley Green bookies Ladbrokes on Saturday July 20th 2013.

The two suspects are part of four who stole hundreds of pounds by storming the betting shop wearing masks at 6.10pm. The gang threatened members of the Ladbrokes staff and forced open several machines within the shop premises.

“We’ve been conducting a number of enquiries as part of this investigation, which has included examining CCTV footage from the bookies” said Detective Constable Robert Hayes, from Force CID.

If you have any information about the robbery, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

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